Well, I started up another game blog. LJ didn’t have an ability to load game pdfs for me to distribute, so I went to wordpress. We’ll see how it works out. 🙂 I’ll be tinkering with the site more as time allows. Name and background changes, that sort of thing.

On the game front, I made another slight change. Well, slight in my opinion. Previously, since I see no need for random character death, PCs simply could not die unless there was no way they could survive or they gave up their death-immunity to get a bonus in a fight, risking their life to go all-out. I’ve decided instead to put the decision in the hands of the player (shared authority and all) by allowing a PC (or sufficiently important NPC) to reduce wounds by spending story points. The down side is that if they reduce more than 1 die of lethal damage, they get a critical injury. For each die of deadly damage they get rid of with a story point (story points can reduce incoming damage by 2 per point spent right now) after the first die, they must take one point of critical injury. So if they took 4 points of lethal damage and could only normally take 1 before dying, they would have to get rid of at least 3 of those to survive. 2 of those negated points wiould require taking critical injuries.

Critical injuries are rated from 1 to 4, depending on how much damage each of them is worth. You can take more than one injury, provided they all fit the attack that caused them, and the total point value must be at least as high as the points of damage you need to cover. Currently the possibilities are as follows. These are just basic notes so far, not the finished product. You can only take each one once on any given set of damage.

1 point injuries:
Knocked out.
Lose a finger or toe.
Nasty scar. Maximum 1 scar per attack. -1 to friendly social rolls, +1 to intimidation rolls if you have one or more visible Nasty scars
Temporary deafness.
Temporary blindness.

2 point injuries:
Partial deafness. You can only have this once.
Lose a hand.
Lose eye.
Ugly scar. Maximum one scar per attack. -1 to friendly social rolls if you have one or more visible scars of either kind. This will negate the bonus from a Nasty scar.
Slow. Can only be taken twice, total.
Minor chronic pain. Once per session the GM can spend a SP to give the char a -1 to physical rolls for the rest of the scene. A character can only have this once.

3 point injuries:
Completely deaf.
Lose an arm.
Lose a leg.
Major chronic pain. As minor version, but penalty is -2. Can only ever be taken once. Replaces minor chronic pain if taken.
-1 to Perception, Spirit, Strength, or Influence. Can not be taken if it brings the stat below 1

4 point injuries:
Completely blind.
-1 to Agility, Intellect, Endurance, or Willpower. Can not be taken if brings the stat below 1

Anyway, I figure this will give people a way to avoid dying by taking something interesting, albeit detrimental. The player is the one who chooses the injuries for their character, and they can choose anything they want as long as it can be rationalized to fit the attack that almost killed them. Also note that several of the 1-pt injuries are temporary. They last as long as the GM wants them to (though never more than half a day).