Thinking of taking the idea presented for critical injuries in the last post and extending it to cover all damage. Basically, when you take damage you see what the final damage total is, spend a Story Point to reduce it by 2 if you want, then the rest is ‘paid for’ with injury effects, like wound penalty, bleeding wound, and so on. Beyond a certain level some of the points would have to come from permanent effects (which give more points, as well), like minor chronic pain, lost eye, scar, and so on. What you buy has to fit the attack/damage received, but other than that, it’s up to you what you take. Each thing can only be taken once per wound, to prevent people just taking a big wound penalty for every wound, no matter ho much damage, and certain things, like lost eye/lost limb/deafness, can only ever be taken once.

It makes each wound somewhat unique and maybe memorable. Since damage is no longer rolled dice, the extra time from choosing wound effects will hopefully just replace the time that used to be spent on rolling damage and figuring out what the effects would have been before.

How does the idea sound to you guys? Point values aren’t fully worked out yet, but I have a basic list right now.