A while ago I decided that what I really wanted to do with my life was write games. I came to this decision after realizing that, though most of the people I know have left tabletop gaming behind, I can’t. I don’t get to game much myself, but almost every waking moment is spent thinking about game systems and game settings. It’s not something I can give up, even if everyone else moves on.

So I’ve been working on game stuff, with one system nearing the playtesting stage and notes for several settings sitting around, and I really need to schedule time to work on them. See, I have a very easy job, which gives me just enough money to get by on and plenty of time to think, so I tend to do my game design thinking here (I’m posting from work at the moment, as I wait around for my shift to finish). The problem is that I need time to actually type rules in, work on layout, and write setting bits, something that’s nearly impossible with my iPhone.

Looking at my current schedule, most of my evenings are either taken up with work or hanging out with friends/playing some sort of game, but I do have Sundays and Tuesdays mostly available, so I’m going to try to set those aside specifically for doing game design stuff I can’t do at work.

Also, a 24-hour design contest has popped up, so I’ll be setting aside a day for that, probably this coming Tuesday, unless something comes up. Hardest part of that will be not thinking about it much before the day I set aside to work on it.

Just wanted to catch people up on my latest thinkings. I should have the rules set and character creation sections posted here in a few days, possibly an updated character sheet too.