I’m not allowed (by the honor system) to start work on the idea until I’ve got a day to work on it, but I’ve been thinking about basic ideas so I don’t spend my 24 hours trying to come up with one and get nothing done. Here are the current possibilities, starting with the first that came to mind and ending with the last. Any one of them spark any interest? I can only do one for the contest. The others will be saved for later design contests. None of these have any associated game mechanics yet, since that’s going to be worked out during the 24 hours.

Idea 1: “Familiars”
The players play magically-empowered animals trying to help their master with his/her goals, while at the same time working to keep the demonic powers their master deals with from corrupting or consuming her/him. Cute magical intelligent animals bs demonic forces.

Idea 2: “Anime Hel”
An idea I’ve had around for a while, but never did much with. Basically a tabletop version of the Disgaea world. Cute demons doing bad things and fighting for power. In a world where stealing is respected and your allies are your only friends, how far will you go to get what you want?

Idea 3: “Wild West Apocalypse”
An idea I had recently but didn’t go far with. In 1870 aliens arrive to terraform Earth into a new colony. Humanity is in the way. As humanity is about to die off, enemies of the first aliens come and destroy their attempt. The first aliens leave, as do the second who care nothing for humanity and only wanted to hurt their enemy. Neither are ever seen again. It is 1880 and the world is in ruins. The survivors must deal with the destruction of their civilization and the warped world they now live in, be they gunslinger, farmhand, brave, or shaman.

Those are the ones I’ve thought about doing. Any preferences? I can see possibilities in each of them.