Not a complete system, just the core resolution idea right now. I won’t go into great detail, but it involves everyone having a 5 card hand drawn from a standard deck of cards. Yes, a card-based resolution system. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, before to make one. I think this one has a real chance at functionality. Basically, if you go to take an action, you playa card face down, then the opposing player or the GM play one face down. You then flip them over and see what the difference in values is (Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13). If the difference is high enough, you succeed. If it is too low, you fail. That way any card is valuable, not just high cards. You’re hoping to play a card that will be far enough from what the defender plays that you’ll succeed. The defender is trying to play one close to what they think you’ll play to make you fail. It has some interesting tactics involved and I think it could be a fairly fast resolution system. My problem right now is a game setting to go with it, which is why I haven’t worked much farther on the rules themselves. The game should be designed around the setting. Since it’s involving standard playing cards, and may have poker-ish mechanics such as bidding, pairs, and similar ideas worked into it, it would fit for a setting that feels poker-ish. A cowboy game would fit, naturally, but I have a cowboy-era game in the works already. Plus, though I love cowboy era stuff, a lot of the facets of cowboy games have already been covered. Maybe cowboy-sci fi. I’m not sure. Post apocalyptic may work too, but card games are probably less important in a world where you’re trying to survive. Unless the game is important to survival or something. Hm, have to think on that some.

If anyone has any ideas for a setting, gimme a shout.