Sorry, got a bit lazy there. After the stressful week I had during the Game Chef competition, I slacked off. Unfortunately, it looks like the Game Chef competition for this year may be dead in the water. Hopefully we get a resolution to it soon.

While I was being lazy I did do a few game-related things, however. I’ve been test running the SAGE system with a ‘super-heroes during WW2’ game. Similar to the Godlike setting, but less depressing. I like the Godlike book, but it’s a little too realistic in some areas for me to have fun with. Plus, I’m not a fan of the system. My WW2 game is just something to have a bit of fun with and see how the system works out. Unfortunately, I’ve come up with two other systems since then, so I’m a bit rusty. The system seems to work fairly well, all told. Had some problems with last night’s session, but those were due to failures in my ability to communicate the setting to the players. It didn’t help that last session ended on a cliffhanger and by the time we got to this session the players and I were remembering certain important details differently. I really have to focus more on description and communication. I tend to rush through that part to get at the action. I may have to talk things over with the players and arrange for each scene to start with me describing the setting and such, with the players holding off on doing anything until I’ve finished the description.

On a related note, I’m going to remove the SAGE system from the downloads box, as it’s just rules and no setting stuff. Whenever I come up with a setting for it I’ll put that version back up here. In its place I hope to put the Kung Fu Showdown rulebook up. Kung Fu Showdown is a non-collectable card game I’ve been working on for a year or so. It could still use some playtesting, but mostly it’s just waiting for art and a proper rulebook. Oh, and the optional rules for arenas and alternate game types, such as team games. It’s meant for 4-6 players, though I have ideas for rules for 3-player games too. It’s a fairly fast moving game of martial-arts mayhem. It seems to be popular with the players so far, and I’m rather proud of it. It should have some sort of representation here.