How solid does the world need to be? Not in a physical sense, but in a story sense. In the initial version of the game, I had very little in the book about the game world. Mostly the GM and players had to make it up themselves based on the game’s sparse notes. This was largely due to me trying to fit a 9-day game into 2 days of typing. Not enough time. In part, though, I didn’t want to make one specific world in which the game is played, I wanted to have the players and GM make up the world for their own game, based around the peoples and history listed in the book. This worked, in part, with the ‘make your own port/town’ section of character creation. I’m wondering, though, if at least a map and a few specifically described areas might be a necessity. For one, it would help give people a more solid understanding of things in common. Also, it might help GMs if they have a basic structure on which to hang the cities, towns, and special places they make up with the players.

How much background do people like to have? Do you prefer to ignore the written setting and make it up yourself? Do you use the written setting setting and prefer to stick only to what’s in the book? I’m somewhere in between, myself, which is why I’m leaning towards having a rough basic set up for people to flesh out themselves. Not sure how far I should go with working out the setting details, though.