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And Another

A Fistful of Darkness is a game I wrote for 1km1kt’s movie mashup rpg contest. It’s a combination of Dark CIty and A Fistful of Dollars, using a system inspired by that found in Don’t Rest Your Head. It was a fun project, but, boy do those 24 hour rush periods get me stressed sometimes. 🙂


New game to the right

Kinda lost the focus necessary to work on games recently, until I saw the post for the February Ronnies contest. I got an idea for it and the current result is in the Box to the right. This is only an alpha version, as it was a 24 hour design contest. Hopefully I’ll have a beta version up in a week or so. I will get back to After the Fall at some point, but I want to get Air Patrol into decent shape first.