I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. I’ve wanted to run something, but nothing seems right. Either it’s something I don’t think one or more of my players would be interested in or I’m unsure of how good I would be at running that sort of game. Smallville, for instance, is a really cool game that I’d like to play, but I think it’s approach of focussing on TV-style dramatic scenes would be hard for me to run. Also I don’t think it would fit the way my players like to play games, which is more along the lines of ‘I approach the game from my character’s point of view, not that of an overall director trying to create cool scenes.’

In an attempt to get out of the slump, I have started an experiment. I sat down with my players over a couple of gaming nights and got them to help me create a game world to run. The system I’m using for it is one I came up with recently and still needs some work, but I’m hoping working on the game together will get them interested in the game world and hopefully come up with something they each will enjoy.

We started character creation, but ran out of time partway through. Looking at things at that point I realized a change I made to the system to make things simpler actually broke the system if a player tried to roll something their character was less than masterful at. I’ve hashed out a change that I believe will fix it. I’ll put up a copy of it here once I finish that rewrite and come up with a name for it.